Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Beta ISO Download Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Beta

As We know all That microsoft is working on their upcoming new office That Could arrive in half of 2015/16,but the company has untill now kept their secrets in an attempt to prevent any type of leaks From Happing.

But its now really easy to prevent leaks, and here is  exactly what happened with the new Office 16, as the very first beta is now available for download from some less official websites. As usual, we won’t provide you with any download links.

What’s new in Office 16 ?

At first glance, the new Office 16 looks pretty much the same as its predecessors, and aside from a few icons, such as the “paste” button, which now seems to be flatter, all included apps, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint look just like the previous version.

The biggest change you can see is the addition of a dark theme that should make Office a bit more eye-friendly when being used during the night.
There are several themes to choose from, all of which can be selected from the settings screen of your Office installation.
At this point, the dark theme doesn’t seem really polished and it still needs some touches here and there, but it’s pretty clear that Microsoft is planning to give users more UI options in the new Office.

Note :  its just leaked . . . 

14Download Links Below

x86 / 32 Bit :– Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Beta ISO Full

x64 / 64 bit :– Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Beta ISO Full

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